BLOGS Committee

Office Bearers

Han Deacon
Oliver Morgan
Hannah Glover

Liberation Officers

Asexual and Aromantic Officer
Hannah Mayr
Bisexual and Pansexual Officer
Silver Campbell
BME Officer
Anna Asher
Disability and Mental Health Officer
Daisy Gardner-Hall
Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Officer
Elliot Byrom
Women’s Officer
(open position!)

Other positions

Campaigns Officer
Ali Hudson
Men’s Officer
Elliot Byrom
Postgrad and Mature Students Officer
Zaic Holbrook-ØNéil
Tech Support
Silver Campbell
Welfare Officer
Saaraa Sadiq
LGBT+ Community Engagement Officer
Delphi Macpherson
Rosie Hawtin
Ordinary Members
Lorcan McAdam & Sam Teale